Previous Ocean Cups

Modern day offshore races are usually run in repetitive laps.

In 2013, Nigel Hook, with the help of Larry Smith and Dan MacNamara, but the true over-the-horizon offshore adventures over course In 2013, Nigel Hook and his eternal love of powerboat racing


Huntington Beach around Catalina

2020 Rum Run

In 1911 the first recorded offshore race was  79-mile Huntington Beach Catalina 

40-50' Class - 1hr 19min 28sec

<30' Class - 1hr 57min 40sec


West Palm Beach to Freeport

2019 Gateway

Revival of a historic race previously won by Don Aronow, Brownie,

1hr 3min 43sec Average speed 95.326mph


Trinidad to Tobago

2018 Great Race

The 50th anniversary of the Trinidad to Tobago race. The Great Race in the Caribbean. New UIM World Record

#08 Motul Monster 47min 43sec


Key West to Cuba

2017 Ocean Cup

Key West to Havana - 103 miles

1hr 18min 3sec setting a new Guinness World Record!


San Francisco to Long Beach

2013 Ocean Cup

Golden Gate to Queen Mary Record 

Nigel Hook, Dan McNamara, Lance Ware, and Andy Hindley in  9hrs 50min 51secs