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Pacific Airshow Rum Run

Sept 27-Oct 1, 2023


Huntington Beach Pier

around Santa Catalina Island

Hosted by the Pacific Airshow, this 4th annual run on Friday morning kicks off the action-packed lineup of events, including awe-inspiring feats of aviation and live music festivals on the beach.

SS Sapona Challenge

TBC- May 2-5, 2024


Miami to Bimini Bahamas back to Miami

During a hurricane in 1926, the SS Sapona ran aground. It was used as a bombing target five bombers mysteriously disappeared after a practice run! The wreck sits in about 15 feet of water a few miles south of Bimini. 

Gateway Marathon

TBC - June 6-9, 2024

Copy of 2022_CigaretteRacing_Image 6-2-22 at 6.05 PM.HEIC

Palm Beach to West End, Grand Bahama and Back

The historic ocean event, Gateway Marathon, is being revamped into a round trip from Palm Beach to West End Grand Bahama and back. Boats make a two-way crossing of the Straits of Florida! 

A 135-mile endurance race.

Farallon Island Challenge

TBC - August 14-17, 2023


San Francisco around Farallon Islands

Whether or not the Farallon Islands are visible indicates how clear a day is in the San Francisco Bay Area. Situated 27 miles west of the Golden Gate, the cluster of 20 islets is often obscured by fog or the marine layer

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